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Improving Outcomes for Patients with Solid Tumors

OmniSeq® INSIGHT provides a comprehensive, easy-to-read report with clinical guidance for more precise, targeted therapies and trials for your patients.

Profiling Empowers
You to Make Better Decisions

From a single tumor biopsy, analyzed by advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) technology,
OmniSeq INSIGHT identifies treatment options in one comprehensive, easy-to-read report.

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Genomic Profiling

  • 523 Gene NGS Panel
  • Microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB)
  • DNA and RNA sequencing
  • Single nucleotide variants (SNVs) – insertions/deletions (indels), copy number alterations (CNAs) and fusions
  • Interrogation of full coding regions
  • HLA genotyping
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Immune Profiling

  • PD-L1 by immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • 64 RNA expression/immune profiling genes by immune cycle step:
    • T-cell priming/trafficking
    • T-cell recognition
    • T-cell infiltration
    • Killing cancer cells
    • Cancer testis antigens

Why Choose OmniSeq INSIGHT?


Single Tumor Biopsy

A single tissue sample provides complete insight into the tumor and its microenvironment.

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Pan-Cancer Testing

The report provides comprehensive genomic and immune profiling for all solid tumors.

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Treatment Options

A summary of FDA-approved therapies, immunotherapies and eligible clinical trials tailored to your patient’s solid tumor.

Identify Approved Drug Candidates

  • Comprehensive Genomics
    • Detects all four main classes of genomic alterations
    • Fusions / splice variants using RNA-Seq hybrid capture
    • Coverage of clinical practice guideline-recommended biomarkers across solid tumor types

Immunotherapy Eligibility

  • Comprehensive Immune Profiling
    • MSI & TMB profiling
    • PD-L1 by IHC
    • Immune biomarker drug targets

Eligible Clinical Trials

  • List of patient-eligible clinical trials within 200 miles of patient’s physical address1

    • Testing for biomarkers with clinical trial associations

Patient Reports: Concise, Comprehensive & Actionable

Comprehensive Quick-Read Results

Gain actionable insights at a glance with:

  • Clinically significant results
  • Pertinent negative genomic variants
  • A therapy considerations summary
  • Flagged potential cancer-associated hereditary variants


Start to formulate a plan with:

  • Full-label indications
  • Treatment setting and approval status
  • Guideline evidence
  • Emerging clinical benefits


See the bigger picture with:

  • Full biomarker details
  • Gene, variant and prevalence information

Clinical Trial Options

Expand your patient’s options with:

  • Number of trial matches per marker
  • Clinical significance for matched trials
  • Highly-expressed/positive immune genes with trials
Sample requirements (include pathology report)

Formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue

  • Resection specimens
  • Needle core biopsy specimens
  • Cell blocks from fine needle aspirates (FNAs)

**Do not submit decalcified specimens, cytology smears or samples from hematologic malignancies**

FFPE block (preferred) or 20 unbaked, positively charged, unstained slides cut a 5 µm plus one H&E
Turnaround time: 12-14 Days

See test menu for additional information

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OmniSeq Corporate &Lab Certifications


Labcorp Broad National Coverage

  • In-network with most major health plans
  • 1,600+ contractual relationships with plans, payers and other healthcare organizations

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