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How to Order

OmniSeq INSIGHT®, Solid Tumor NGS Panel (DNA and RNA)

OmniSeq INSIGHT® is a comprehensive genomic and immune profiling test validated for all solid tumors. Next generation sequencing interrogates 523 genes for mutations, 4 copy number alterations and 55 fusions/splice variants, measures expression of 64 immune genes, and determines microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB).  Immunohistochemistry determines PD-L1 expression.  The test informs treatment decisions, including targeted and immunotherapy options, eligibility for clinical trials, and mechanisms of therapy resistance based on the genomic and immune profile of a patient’s tumor.   

Solid Tumor Ordering Process

  1.    Complete the test requisition form 

    • No account?  No problem.  Submit the test requisition form leaving the client# field blank if you do not have one.  Your order will be processed, and our client services team will contact you for quick and easy account set up.
    • Please ensure all other required fields are filled out.  A copy of final pathology report for the sample to be tested and other clinical documentation to support medical necessity for testing is required.  
    • Are you a Lab Orders user in Labcorp Link™?  You can order online and upload the required documents directly to Labcorp Link.
  2.    Shipping the specimen

    • If you have the specimen - ship with completed test requisition form to the address below . If you are ordering for the first time, you will be contacted upon specimen arrival.
    • If you do not have the specimen -  you can submit test requisition form via email or fax (212-698-9532) if specimen procurement is requested .  Our client services team will contact the facility that holds the specimen with additional instructions and complete the specimen procurement.
    • NOTE:  Existing Labcorp Oncology clients should continue to follow existing processes for shipping and communicating with your designated Labcorp Oncology lab location.
  3.    Specimen Requirements

    • The preferred specimen is at least one FFPE tissue block. If a block cannot be provided, please send a minimum of 20 unbaked, positively charged, unstained slides cut at 5µM plus 1 H&E.
    • Specimens with very small amounts of tumor and/or less than requested number of slides will be accepted with the caveat that complete testing may not be possible.
    • DO NOT SUBMIT decalcified specimens, cytology smears or samples from hematologic malignancies.
  4.    Results report

    • Comprehensive patient report will be faxed within 12-14 days from when the specimen was received in our lab.

Ship to:

Labcorp Oncology
3 Forest Parkway
Shelton, CT 06484
Fax:  212-698-9532


Call Client Services at

Labcorp LinkTM

Online ordering and result reporting