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Labcorp® Tissue Complete Service: 
Powered by PGDx elio™ tissue complete

An end-to-end, sample-to-answer CGP solution for global clinical trials

Accelerate your biomarker-driven clinical trial and CDx development with an FDA-cleared, CE-IVD-marked comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) solution that includes complete bioinformatic analysis and dedicated customer support.

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Actionable pan-tumor genomic profiling for solid tumors

Identify somatic mutations, including SNVs, indels, select amplifications and translocations, MSI and TMB with a 505-gene panel aligned to CDx and NCCN guideline targets.

Timeline graphic reading Single nucleotide variants (SNVs), Insertions and deletions (indels), amplifications, translocations, Microsatellite instability (MSI), Tumor mutaional burden (TMB)

Robust performance for limited samples

High sensitivity and specificity with minimal sample input.





Low input

As little as 50 ng 

High success rate

Clinical success rate of >92%

A global platform to support biomarker-driven clinical trials and CDx development 

Run in a global laboratory network owned and operated by Labcorp

Map of locations in the United States. Locations are below

Specialty Labs

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Brentwood, TN
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Burlington, NC
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Research Triangle Park, NC
  • Shelton, CT

North America

  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Greenfield, IN
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Madison, WI
Map of locations in Europe. Locations are below


  • Eye, UK
  • Geneva, CH
  • Harrogate, UK
  • Huntingdon, UK
  • Muenster, DE
Map of locations in Asia Pacific. Locations are below


  • Bangalore, IN
  • Kawagoe, JP
  • Shanghai, CN
  • Singapore

Rich information and detailed data reporting for research and clinical trials

  • Rapid and accurate variant detection

  • High-quality training data, expert curation and machine learning algorithms combine to provide best-in-class identification of cancer mutations

  • Automatically curated reports highlight a wide array of high-impact current and emerging biomarkers, simplifying the task of sifting through data

  • Standardized pipeline and easy-to-interpret, clearly annotated reports

  • Custom analysis and reporting available to fit your trial need

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Empower your clinical trial with high-confidence variant detection

Labcorp Tissue Complete service specifications

SpecificationLabcorp Tissue Complete powered by PGDx elio™ tissue complete
Genes evaluated505
Panel size2.23 Mb total (1.3 Mb TMB)
Sample type and input quantityTumor only; 100 ng DNA from FFPE (50 ng minimum)
Turnaround timeAs few as 6-13 days
Average total/De-duplicated coverage2,300x/900x
Bioinformatics workflowSingle automated pipeline; custom analysis available
SNVs, indels, rearrangements, amplificationsYes
Microsatellite Instability (MSI)Yes
Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB)Yes
Variant Allele Frequency (VAF) to report2% hotspots (5% all bases)
Indel detection40 bp insertions and deletions
Sample pass rate92.9%
Data analysisStandardized
Data reportingComplete Case Record, Complete Run Record, supplementary run files, custom reporting available

A global, flexible CGP solution to empower clinical research

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Results you can trust

  • Comprehensive panel aligned with CDx and NCCN guidelines
  • FDA-cleared
  • CE-IVD marked
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Flexible options, Standardized assay

  • Central lab service or globally distributed kit
  • One single assay with standardized pipeline and reporting
  • Custom analysis & reporting available to fit your trial needs
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Proven quality

Developed under ISO 13485 design control to withstand the rigors of the FDA approval process for use in prospective clinical trials and companion diagnostic development

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