Implementation of Laboratory Automation to Support Scaling of Cancer Patients Testing using OmniSeq® INSIGHT Molecular Diagnostic Test

February 5, 2024

Library preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS) is complex, laborious, and includes multiple repetitive steps, making these workflows suitable for automated solutions. This study compared an automated post-PCR workflow to prepare NGS libraries from DNA and RNA for Illumina’s TruSight Oncology component of the OmniSeq INSIGHT test using the Hamilton SBS STAR MOA liquid handler against a validated manual workflow. Libraries prepared by the automated workflow produced sequencing results consistent with manually prepared libraries, with concordance rates ranging from 97.7%-100.0% for small variant calls. This validation study demonstrates that the Hamilton SBS STAR MOA liquid handler can produce similar high-quality RNA and DNA NGS libraries as compared with manual procedures while also improving reproducibility, reducing hands-on time, eliminating human error, and supporting scalability for OmniSeq INSIGHT testing in cancer patients.