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Resolution ctDx Lung Assay

Resolution ctDx Lung

Provides clinicians with information that can drive treatment decisions in patients with NSCLC.

The Resolution ctDx LungTM assay includes actionable genes for targeted FDA-approved therapies or therapies in clinical trials.



  • An assay that only focuses on genes implicated in lung cancer
  • Liquid biopsies can offer a complete picture of tumor heterogeneity
  • Useful when tissue biopsies are limited or unobtainable from the patient
  • Non-invasive method with testing performed on a blood sample
  • Faster turn-around time compared to tissue NGS profiling1

Clinical Response Data

In a prospective clinical study, the Resolution ctDx Lung assay demonstrated the following performance1:

  • Somatic mutations detected in 64% (135/210) of patients
  • 97% (34/35) of patients who received plasma-directed therapy had a clinical and radiological response to the matched targeted therapy

  • 46% (96/210) of patients had an oncogenic driver alteration detected, including actionable mutations in EGFR, ALK, MET, BRAF, ROS1, and RET

  • 90% (60/67) positive concordance between plasma and tissue NGS testing. Sub-analysis demonstrated

  • 96% (49/51) positive concordance within NCCN® oncogenic recognized driver alterations in lung cancer.

Gene List

The Resolution ctDx Lung™ assay targets actionable, somatic SNVs, indels,
fusions, and copy number variants in 22 genes in NSCLC.2

Gene list

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