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Resolution ctDx-Lung Assay (Liquid Biopsy)

CPT 0179U
  • ctDNA Liquid Biopsy NGS Assay
  • Lung Liquid Biopsy
  • ResBio

Test Details

Cancer Type

Lung, Non-small cell lung cancer

Technology Used


Turnaround Time

10 - 14 days


The test is a NGS multi-gene panel that assesses circulating tumor DNA (CtDNA) from a plasma sample in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. It is intended to identify key driver mutations and variants to enable treatment decisions for patients.

Special Instructions

Specimen must be submitted using the Labcorp Oncology Liquid Biopsy Kit and Gene Profiling Assays test requisition form. For more information, please visit Please direct any questions regarding this test to Labcorp Oncology customer service at 800-710-1800.


Next Generation Sequencing

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Test Requisition Form - Gene Profiling Assays

    Specimen Requirements

    Information on collection, storage, and volume


    Whole blood


    2 tubes of 10 mL each

    Minimum Volume

    2 tubes of 10 mL each


    Only the Integrated Oncology Liquid Biopsy Kit (PS No. 127647) can be used for collection.

    Storage Instructions

    Room temperature. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Keep out of direct sunlight. Samples must be shipped to LabCorp in an Integrated Oncology Liquid Biopsy Kit.

    Causes for Rejection

    Samples not collected and submitted in Streck tubes; specimens submitted in expired or incorrect blood tubes; quantity not sufficient for anlysis; received more than five days from collection; frozen specimens


    Collect 10 mL of whole blood into each of 2 Streck BCT tubes supplied in the Integrated Oncology Liquid Biopsy Kit.