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Oncology Medical Affairs Team

Labcorp Oncology Medical Affairs team: Unlocking the power of precision medicine through education, research and innovation

Welcome to a snapshot of our medical affairs team's dynamic engagement and impactful contributions in oncology. As we delve into the latest advancements and emerging trends, we're thrilled to share with you key highlights from the year.

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Labcorp Perspectives: Oncology 

Explore the ever-evolving world of cancer care in our insightful content series, Labcorp Perspectives as we delve into the latest advancements in oncology diagnostics and their impact on patient outcomes. Each episode brings together leading oncology experts to discuss:

•    Groundbreaking research: Uncovering the cutting-edge science shaping the future of cancer treatment
•    Practical applications: Learning how precision medicine translates from lab to the clinic
•    Real-world challenges: Exploring the hurdles faced in oncology care and discovering potential solutions

More than just information, this series fosters collaboration and unbiased education. Labcorp Perspectives not only empowers healthcare professionals and researchers but also patients to stay informed, inspired and at the forefront of medical oncology.

In Case you missed it

Featured Oncology Webinars

We are committed to continuous education and keeping you up to date about emerging biomarkers and best practices. In case you missed any of them, here is a snapshot of webinars presented this year. Our internal subject matter experts and thought leaders provide insights into targetable biomarkers and foster meaningful discussions with patients, oncologists and pathologists. We are proud to have created a virtual learning space where you can learn more at your pace within your own space.

In Case you missed it

Highlights from peer-reviewed manuscripts

We are focused on innovation and advancing scientific discovery. We are working hard to publish on a diverse range of topics that we believe will improve your clinical practice. Here is a snapshot of four high-impact manuscripts with links to the full text and graphical one-page summaries for your review.

Our team in action